Mail Inspector - Release 5.0

Feature - Email diretion indicator

The RealTime > Emails now have a column where show the emails diretion (Inbound, Outbound or Internal Mail).

Feature - Email Flux Control by number of recipients

The Email flux control allow the administrator to limit number of emails send by time, using number of recipients as index.

Feature - Analysis of detected threats

The MailInspector now show with more detailed the threats detected. Allow the administrator to do forensics study about the threat.

Feature - Import and Export Whitelist and Blacklist

The administrator can import and export the whitelist and blacklist as CSV file.

Feature - Rewrite full domains

The admnistrator can configure full rewrite over domains and subdomains, instead just emails.

Feature - Diagnostics System

Now the MailInspector can perform a lot of tests such as ping test, tracert test, check communication ports and another tests.

Feature - DataBase Check and Optimize

The administrator can perform database check and optimize/compact the DataBase used by MailInspector.

Feature - MailInspector Tuning

MailInspector allow the administrator adjusts tuning the system, to increase performance and change some parameters where where normally wouldn't have access.

Feature - Import SSL Certificate

Using Graphic Interface you can import SSL Certificate, no need to use SSH protocol.

Feature - Reboot filter by Graphical Interface

Now you can reboot any filter node, using graphical interface, no need to use SSH.

Feature - New exclusive protections

  • The administator can disable reputation analysis for Groups of Users

  • Mail Spoofing detect and protection

  • New doamains control

  • Protection Envelope SMTP x From Header

    • Protection against fake domains using Free Mail as relay

    • Protection against Diferent domains in the Header x Envelope

Feature - Local SandBox

The administrator can use local SandBox instead HSC Cloud SandBox.

Feature - New Dashboard Layout

The Dashboard now have a new layout, more efficient and more beauty.

Feature - CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction)

Implemented CDR features.

Feature - New email status indicators

Now the MailInspector have more status about email classification.

Feature - More details about email

The MailInspector show more information about the email.

Feature - URL SandBox

URL SandBox

  • Static SandBox

  • Dyamic SandBox

Feature - TAP Report

New TAP report

Feature - Search email more options

More fields for use to email search.

Feature - External Connectors

Custom sync in the External Connectors.

Feature - Customized Digest

The MailInspector you can customize ALL the Email Digest, such as:

  • Change Logo;

  • Change Colors;

  • Define actions/links;

Feature - New antivirus Engine

Add one more antivirus engine (ESET)