Mail Inspector - Release 4.4

Feature - TAP (Targeted Attack Protection)

The system now analyzes and rewrites all URLs, simulating user's click on all links in the email. If the link is directed to a page, they will be tested all links on the page, simulting a user had clicked on the links. Feature - Use of Fuzzy Hashing into the TAP (Targeted Attack Protection). The MailInspector now have the intelligent Hash System (Fuzzy Hashing).

Feature - SandBox Consult

History of all queries made on TAP module. Its show in timeline format all user actions over links.

Feature - Remote Syslog

Now you can configure a syslog to sent by one node/filter. You can choose what log to send following the options:

  1. Emergency

  2. Alert

  3. Critical

  4. Error

  5. Warning

  6. Notice

  7. Informational

  8. Debug

Feature - Send alerts by email

Now you can create alterts and send them by email:

  • Disk Space;

  • Queue;

  • Memory;

  • CPU;

  • Services;

  • System Security Updates;

  • Antivirus and Antispam;

  • Node Unavaible;

Feature - LDAPs configuration

Now you can access your LDAPAD in security mode.

Feature - IP Aliases

You can create Virtual IP to force the outbound email to use a specific IP, instead the Gateway IP. i.e. the domain uses the IP to outbound email, while the domain uses the IP to outbound email.

Feature - More details about actions over emails URL`s

You have more control about blacklisted reputation emails, F-Secure BaseGuard and detected as malwares. The administrator can choose between:

  • Increase spam score;

  • Ignore;

  • Block;

Feature - Protection against outbound mail spoofing

You can just activate this specification, without create a customized rule.

Feature - Protection against inbound mail spoofing

You can just activate this specification, without create a customized rule.

Feature - Enhanced the mail control flow

Now its better and easier to controle quota mail.

Feature - Release mail (greate volume)

Just in one click is allow the administrator to release multiple emails.

Feature - Email RealTime Monitor (new options)

You can report to HSCBRASIL and send sample of emails as:

  • Vírus;

  • Phishing;

Feature - Threat warning

The administrator can configure the MailInspector to send alerts/warnings to sender or recipient, when the email contains malwares.

Feature - Customized Dashboard

The administrator can create a lot of dashboards, using widgets.

Feature - SPF

The administrator can configure actions as he needs. The action is increase SPAM scrore, ignore or block. The type of SPF respond is:

  • Pass;

  • Fail;

  • Softfail;

  • Neutral;

  • PermError;

  • TempError;

  • None

Feature - Rules for Social Network and Mail Marketing

You can decide the actions (block, ignore or increase SPAM score) when the email is classified as:

  • Social Newtwork;

  • MailMarketing;

Feature - Autowhitelist System

The autowhitelist system can detect automaticaly the internal users. The MailInspector can detect messages from inside to outside, so when the recipient answer the email, the system automaticaly will identify and take the actions.

Feature - Remote Backup

The MailInspector can send the backup automaticaly vy FTP or SFTP.

Feature - More fields in Anvanced Search (RealTime > Emails)

The module advanced search was added new fields:

  • Start Date;

  • End Date;

  • Start Time;

  • End Time;

Feature - Max number of scan by process

Configuration > Content Filter > General Settings > Identify

Now you can configure max numbers of scan by process, where you can increase the performance of node.

Feature - Automatic Update (Extreme Update)

Now it is possible to mark the system to do the automatic update, for that, just check the option Extreme Update Configuration> Yes

PS: By default is NO.

Feature - Remote support

The administrator can active the remote support. Administration > Support > Start

Feature - Mail Split

When the Mail Split is enable, the system will generate a copy of the email for each recipient and will thus process the rule according to each recipient and not just the first.

Feature - DKIM Whitelist

Now the adminstrator can create a whitelist where dont check the DKIM. This rule is over groups.

Feature - Extreme Update can use Proxy Configuration

The administrator can configure proxy configuration to update the MailInspector.

Feature - Only Read Users

Now you can configure users to read the configurations, without change the settings.

Feature - TimeZone

Now is possible choose the TimeZone and configure NTP servers.

Feature - New reports

Added new reports:

  • Statistics report by domain;

  • Harvest Attack report;

  • Attack Source;

All the reports can be export by CSV format.

Feature - Max number of attempt login

Autoblock the user when exceeded x number of login attempt.